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Make an impact & own a profitable, rewarding & flexible business that allows you to take your business through the next steps as an experienced personal trainer.

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What is a Franchisee?

A Franchisee of Driven Personal trainers is an experienced personal trainer who is seeking to bring employees/contractors under you (or you already have some) that will allow you to have a more profitable & flexible business while making a huge impact on your businesses clients.

Driven Personal Trainers has been designed to create a model for experienced trainers to 10x their business, recruit & mentor staff, manage & lead staff effectively and build a sustainable lifestyle. This is built for personal trainers that are ready to take the next step.

By becoming a franchisee of Driven Personal Trainers, you onboard a bulletproof model for your business and get the systems that take your business from 100k to 500k in total revenue in a guaranteed 12 months. This model is implement in your personal training business and as a results, our franchisees make anywhere from 150k-250k in profit per year with our successful business model.

As a Driven Personal Trainers Franchisee, the business is yours and this is a very low rate franchise model to allow you to take the hard earn cash you earn't and deserve. With the failing rate of small businesses in general very high, having a small business under a franchised model takes your success of your small business to a guaranteed rate of 92%.

With Driven's first franchised territory taking it's total business revenue from $120,000 - $1.1 million with just 21 contracted trainers in the space of one year has proven the success of our business model and as a result we want you to be our next franchisee.

What does a Driven Franchisee Receive

What you'll see as a Driven Franchisee

- Low Franchise Cost Start-Up -

From $39,990*

*Initial & One Off Franchise Fee - Payment Options Available

Franchisee Application

Level up your business by becoming a Driven Personal Trainers Franchisee!

Master Franchisee Opportunities also available.

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