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Why join Driven Personal Trainers?

Become a Driven Trainer: Welcome

We are the best at what we do and we help trainers be the best trainers they can.

So, here's couple of things that makes every Driven Trainer is successful..



As an onboarding Driven Trainer, we take you through a 12 week mentoring and educating program while you work about everything you need to know and all the most important things that your PT course doesn't teach you. Our Trainers have years and years of experience and you will learn from the best, ensuring you will become the best PT possible.

The 12 week program is the most valuable tool and information any new or experienced PT needs. 


The fitness industry is such a competitive industry and what helps us is that we value each other and we unite as one team. Each of our Driven Trainers are more then willing to help each other out, share each others skillset and ensuring we are there to deliver the best experience for our clients. 

Our team of trainers are set apart from the industry because we have an unbeatable culture which carries over to our clientele. 



Amongst doing the job you love, helping people change their life while maintaining the lifestyle you want, We ensured to create something that doesn't exist in the PT world until now.. Career Progression. This gives our exclusive Driven Trainers the opportunity to take what they love to another level which has never been seen before and no other PT business can do.

Become a Driven Trainer: Tips & Advice


Here's a few things in what we look for in our trainers.


You want to exceed your goals. You want to better yourself everyday and make a difference. With a Driven attitude you are unstoppable. No dream is too big, we love trainers that have huge ambitions and a positive attitude.


We want to make you the best trainer out there. Our trainers are open minded and always willing to learn. Our team has so much experience and we want you to utilise that to make your experience and clients experience so much better.


We want you to be super passionate about what you do. If you love health & fitness, helping others smash out there goals, changing lives and collaborating as a team then we want you and we will help you become the best trainer you can be..

Become a Driven Trainer: Tips & Advice

What Employment Do We Offer To Our Driven Trainers

We have crafted the most bullet proof growth plan for our personal trainers which gurrantees our trainers success and has been proven time and time again. No matter if you just finished your study or if you are looking to build your own PT business through Driven or even if you are looking to progress your career into mentoring and management positions within Driven, we want you onboard. We provide you with the tools, education and everything you need to grow yourself into the role you want. 

With Driven, you have the opportunity to have a super flexible schedule and a real hands on rewarding job.

We do the business stuff so you can just focus on the training and your clients.

We created these pathways to give every one of our trainers the greatest rate of success whichever path you choose, the most secure PT job possible and the opportunity to create a life long career.

Every single one of our Trainers has the opportunity to progress their careers into PT Manager roles, PT mentoring roles, Developing/Recruiting roles and much more. We listen to what our trainers want in their career and we help them make that a reality.

Below is the different pathways we offer our Driven Team.


Split Revenue Personal Trainer

Level 1

Our Split Revenue Model is designed for trainers who want to build their own business within Driven while building valuable experience and without having to brunt all the unexpected costs that comes with it. It allows you to work as flexible as you want, work as much or as little as you want. You create your own schedule and we leave that completely up to you!
We support your business goals and we will mentor you every step of the way so you can run your successful business.

Rental Model Personal Trainer

Level 2

Our Rental Model is created for the experienced trainers who already has a client base but are wanting to take it to the next level through our mentoring and business experience which can lead to many opportunities for you.
We help provide clients, lead generation sources and do the nifty work for you so you can run your business and not have to stress about chasing clientele. 
Under this model you have complete control of your PT business and we will help guide you to the best successful possible no matter what your business goals are.

Employed Personal Trainer

Level 3

Our Employed Personal Trainer is designed for both new to the industry and super experienced trainers. This path involves guaranteed hours doing what you love, opportunity to go part-time or full-time quickly, be able to do much more to impact lives then just your face-to-face sessions and develop your skills for the career you want. 
Under this model, we cover everything for you and give you the necessary skills to take you where you want to be whether that's a management position, mentoring position or transitioning to running your own business within Driven.

Become a Driven Trainer: Tips & Advice


Email your resume and CV letter.

Please summarise why you would make a great Driven Personal Trainer. 

We are always on the lookout for the next Driven Personal Trainer.

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